Wednesday, August 12, 2009

blue house

Would love to just set up somewhere on the lake each day and paint whichever house is nearby. Here is one where I had that pleasure, albeit quickly!


  1. Wonderful expressive work!
    Kindest regards

  2. colourful yet sombre, lovely perspective. and the previous post fo the flower is wonderfully done, great brushwork and handling of light:)r.

  3. P- Great painting. Love the variations in your brushwork. Nice overall harmony with color. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

  4. I don't know but there is something special about this one.

  5. Thank you all for your kind remarks. Each of your blogs enrich my life each day!

    Galina, your paintings are full of life, color, energy, vitality! Love the image on your masthead too, and rich music.

    Rahina, I love the sharpness and color you put together so harmoniously! Full of joyful surprises for me every time.

    Karen, you know by now I love the warmth, drama and emotion in your paintings I've seen so far. Will always look forward to them!

    David, thank you for such a kind comment. Your soft but piercingly emotional portraits move and inspire me.

    You all give me so much to which to aspire! Thank you for visiting!